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Sub Zero isn’t just the place for the best tasting, freshest Ice Cream made to order with Premium Cream.    We also offer Vegan, Kosher, Keto, Fat Free and No Sugar options.    Italian Ice, Smoothies and Milk Shakes too. 

Following a KETO diet, we have a full Keto menu.

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream features desserts frozen with Nitrogen right in front of your eyes.   We offer regular and low fat ice cream, custard, Italian Ice, fat free yogurt and several Non-Dairy options that can be customized.     We have a full Keto and Vegan menu available.     Allergies – let us know before ordering so we can prepare your dessert separately.     We are Kosher and have a menu listing all the certifications and items available.

We blend each guest’s creation by hand.   Yes, we might work a little harder, but you get some of the smoothest ice cream available with no air whipped into it.    After all, who wants to pay for air…. It’s like getting a bag of chips only half full.

With over 40 flavors and over 30 mix-ins you are bound to find the combination you are craving.     Smoothies, shakes and ice cream pies are also available.   Take home a pint.    There are millions of possibilities when you “create your own” at Subzero Ice Cream.

Try our deliciously fresh ice cream milk shakes, smoothies and pies.

We have recently added Oat Milk to our Non-Dairy line up of offerings as well as KETO Ice Cream – 0 Carbs, 0 Sugar – Incredible flavor!




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